One of the important and most critical steps of B2B lead generation is to get your potential customers to engage with your brand. It takes a lot of strategized effort to attract customers and sustain their interest finally. It is where multi-channel marketing is emerging as a new trend in the B2B lead generation industry. Many companies are using multi-channel approaches to reach out to their target audiences. However, a lot of the marketers haven’t yet tapped into the potency of this approach. 

Basically, a multi-channel marketing strategy involves using various channels to reach the target audience. These channels may include social media, email, or website traffic. With a multi-channel strategy, you can not only generate leads but also increase brand awareness for your business. Multi-channel marketing can also be used in different sectors including technology, retail, financial services, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, etc. Since it helps you to get your products or services in front of more people, this strategy is deemed crucial in today’s time. 

When done effectively, you can build rock-solid relationships with your customers so that they feel more intrigued to make a purchase from your brand. If you’re still unaware of multi-channel marketing or unable to figure out how to yield the best from this approach, keep on reading the article till the end. 

What Exactly Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel strategies or multi-channel marketing is basically the process of reaching out to potential customers through multiple channels including social media, emails, webinars, online advertising, and whatnot. It is where you have to incorporate different distribution as well as promotion channels into a unified strategy. 

Research has shown that brands that have been using at least four or six different marketing channels receive an ideal response from their customers. Among these, some channels are deemed fairly standard but the priority of a channel should be determined based on your industry and target audience. In addition, the strategy will always be different for each individual brand depending on their end goals and customer personas. 

But, when implemented correctly, a multi-channel approach can yield a lot of advantages for your brand including expanding your customer base to growing the company to its highest potency. 

5 Best Ways to Implement a Multi-channel Lead Generation Approach

Although the multi-channel lead generation marketing concept is pretty simple, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge of the industry to be able to implement the best strategy that will yield the maximum benefit. So, to help you to some extent, we have discussed some of the best ways here:

  1. Understand Your Channels

Before delving deeper into a multi-channel approach, it’s important for every marketer to understand each and every channel that they are currently using. So, you have to track the results you’re achieving from the current channel, their ROI, and effectiveness, and then list out the new channels to plan your strategy accordingly. 

Also, it’s important to note that not every marketing channel will be effective for your brand. It takes a lot of trial-and-error approaches to finally be able to find the best channel that will yield you the maximum benefit. If you struggle in this phase, there are professionals to help you out. 

  1. Know Your Ideal Customer

In B2B lead generation, knowing the target customers is critical in every marketing strategy. Because you’ve to be pretty precise with your approach here. By understanding the buyer personas, you can determine how you can execute this multi-channel approach for your brand. Specifically, the buyer personas determine which message they will receive and on which channel. 

Since, every person is different and prefers different channels, knowing your customer personas is non-negotiable. For example, a marketing professional may easily be contacted through social media channels, but someone with a more technical role can be reached easily by email. 

  1. Determining Your Ultimate Goal

Well, what exactly are you aiming to achieve with a multichannel marketing strategy? For every brand, the end goal is different. But understanding what you’re trying to achieve is critical. Otherwise, with so many different strategies and approaches, you will be so confused that all efforts will be ineffective. 

To determine the end goal, you can ask a variety of questions. For example, are you looking for a certain channel to grow your online presence? Is there any specific audience group you’re trying to engage with? Or do you want just to close the leads? Your objectives or end goals will be the foundation of the marketing strategy that you’ll build. 

  1. Focus On Cross-traffic Promotion, 

However, the channels preferred by people are always different. But, never let your channels operate in silos. Because cross-traffic promotion can offer you a lot of advantages for your brand. And, this is in fact an easy one. All you have to do is to promote everything everywhere. For example, if you’re conducting email marketing, you can add your social media links or buttons to them so that people can go and visit you.

Also, if you’re sharing a blog post on your social media channels, then you can mention the website addresses there. By conducting this cross-promotion, you’re actually showcasing to your potential customers the true value that you’re offering. 

  1. Always Measure Results

Regardless of the strategy you’re applying, as a B2B marketer, measuring results is always deemed crucial. It’s because an effective multi-channel approach requires your continual evolution to maximize the ROI. Also, by measuring the results, you can keep your team accountable and motivated to execute new strategies as planned. 


Multi-channel marketing is critical if you truly want to succeed in winning new customers in this overly competitive market. These are the few important ways to implement a multichannel lead generation strategy. By following these steps, you can yield the best results from this strategy. If you’re struggling to do so, there are professionals like SocialBloom to help you out. We are one of the well-known B2B lead generation agencies helping clients for several years. To know more about multi-channel lead generation strategies and more, schedule a discovery call with us now!