Which B2B Lead Gen Channels Are Right For Your Campaign?

B2B marketing isn’t just about reaching people out, rather it’s about having a well-defined strategy to reach out to qualified leads and turn them into active ones. Otherwise, you will keep struggling to make the brand stand out, especially in such an overly crowded space but all your efforts will go in vain. 

This strategy and channel of B2B lead generation may differ in terms of its effectiveness with the target audience, and it depends on the industry. Some channels may work extremely well for a particular industry but may not work for others. This is because not every company works the same way. This is why testing and optimization play a critical role here. 

However, as the B2B marketing channels are growing in numbers, it’s pretty easy for beginners to get overwhelmed. Although the ultimate and the best B2B lead gen channel is something that’s scalable, repeatable, and delivers a return on investment, it’s not easy to find it. So, in this guide, we will discuss the details of a few channels and their significance to help you find the best fit. 

B2B Lead Gen Marketing Channels in 2023

Investing in different marketing channels at an ideal rate and ROI will definitely help to grow your business rapidly. With that being said, this mix of channels and strategies may vary depending on your goals and audience. Here are five channels that we will discuss to provide you with an in-depth understanding of these. 

  1. Email Marketing

Among all the available lead-generation marketing channels, email marketing is one of the top ROI producers. A report from a recent study confirms that almost 90% of consumers read their emails every day. Therefore, highly customized and targeted emails can be a pretty mature channel to nurture leads. 

Basically, email marketing is a form of direct marketing effort where emails are used to promote a business’s products, educate the audience, or build a strong relationship with the target customers. You can segment your emails based on the demographic to make them more personalized. 

In addition, with today’s technological advancement, you don’t even have to manually send hundreds of emails every day. Rather, you can automate the entire process using some of the best email marketing tools and utilize the rest of your time on other important channels. 

  1. Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click or PPC is another popular B2B lead gen channel where business owners have to pay the advertisers for each and every click that their advertisement gets. You can use multiple social media channels including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others to advertise your business but many marketers prefer Google ads when it comes to PPC advertisement. 

Since this form of advertisement allows you to gain more visibility to your posts, it’s considered ideal for lead generation. Nonetheless, you’ve to be careful while targeting the audience and selecting the keywords. Otherwise, it may sink the entire budget if the campaign doesn’t bring a good conversion. 

When done right, PPC marketing can generate a lot of qualified traffic for your website within a short span of time. However, since it’s an expensive form of marketing, it’s mostly preferred by large-scale businesses rather than startups. 

  1. Video Marketing 

With more and more people wanting to see valuable videos in today’s time, video marketing is on the rise. According to Hubspot, video is considered the second most popular type of content on social media. Since this form of marketing has the supreme power of breaking a complex subject into a simple one, it can be better utilized for making people aware of a brand, its products, or its services. 

In fact, with video, you can create a certain emotional bond with your customers which may help you strengthen your relationship with them in the future. Basically, video marketing indicates using videos for telling people about the brand or service, educating them, and increasing engagement on social platforms. 

There are different types of videos you can utilize while integrating video marketing. This includes product demo videos, educational videos, testimonials, etc. Depending on your end goals, you can utilize this channel to yield all the perks. 

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing will continue to prove its significance as time goes on. However, despite knowing the importance of content marketing, some businesses are still shaky when it comes to creating great content for their audience. Yet the fact remains that if done right, this marketing channel can do wonders for your campaigns. 

It’s important to focus on building product reviews, customer testimonials, case studies, and product tutorials to circulate them across different social media channels as well as emails. This helps to build authority and generate more leads from the existing audience. 

So, the options are limitless with content marketing. However, it’s important to understand which content will perform the best in terms of engaging and converting customers. 

  1. Social Media Marketing 

Social media follows similar principles to any other B2B marketing channels. But, there are a growing number of opportunities there that can be yielded if done right. Moreover, social media is one of the greatest assets that help businesses define their target audience, educate them, create content and measure the results. 

Although, the landscape for these channels is changing rapidly. Therefore, you’ve to be extremely adaptive when it comes to your social media marketing journey. In addition, the key to finding success in social media marketing channels is to know your buyers and their persona. This will help you develop the right messages to hook them instantly. 

So, to reap the ultimate benefits of this B2B lead gen channel, you have to get more feedback from your customers, seek to understand the reasons behind their frustrations and provide them with a solution with the pure intention of helping them out. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a full-funnel B2B lead generation strategy to generate more qualified leads and nurture them, then leaning on only one channel won’t benefit you much. Every channel comes with its own perks. But, businesses should come up with a multi-channel strategy from the top of their funnel to its bottom to maintain consistent growth and ROI. 

There’s not only one channel that will help you boost your campaign but mixing every channel up at the right time and at the right pace will eventually bring you an ideal outcome. This is the reason why an expert’s knowledge in this field is critical. 

Having years of experience working in this field, we can help you come up with a clear strategy to narrow down the target audience, create great content, conduct proper research and moreover, and nurture leads at great consistency. To know more about our services and pricing, schedule a discovery call with us now!