SocialBloom has worked with over 30 clients since the outbreak that caused brick and mortar businesses to temporarily close their doors to customers. During this time, we have learned a ton of new strategies that worked wonders due to the new normal caused by COVID-19. These strategies helped clients see their most profitable months even with the shutdown active. We have listed these strategies and techniques below that your business can use. 


Documenting you and your employees at work and then uploading it to social media isn’t a new concept. But, this type of content is by far one of the best ways to build your digital presence. When businesses were forced to shutdown, creating this type of content was difficult. We found a way around this and it proved to be very effective. We helped clients create COVID-19 documentation. We had clients create videos and photos of how their business is responding to COVID-19, where customers can still order their products or services, and the changes their business will be enacting. Giving customers this info created a digital sales funnel that was easy to follow. Many businesses lost loyal customers because they had no clue how to order their products outside of the store.

  • This strategy increased orders because it let people know how they can easily buy from the business, all online. 
  • It showed customers that the business cares for their health but, also wants to get customers the products they love and use all the time.
  • It was a quick and to the point piece of content that updated customers on the new changes within the business.
  • Hearing the owner on video was personable.

COVID-19 Friendly Advertisements

SocialBloom also creates banners, posters, and printables for clients to advertise locally. The most popular type of printable advertisements are business cards. But, now if someone is at a gas station and they see your pack of business cards, no one wants to touch them and take them. Same idea applies to info tabs you tear off of posters. Instead we created COVID-19 friendly printables with QR codes. These printables have all the info on them but, they have a QR code so people can take their phone out and scan it. We made QR codes that linked to menus, contact info, and even discounts. Since this was easier for people and more sanitary, it became much more effective.