For any B2B organization, the primary step to achieving the goal of increasing business revenue is to find a potential customer who meets the ideal audience criteria and eventually nurture them into paying customers. This entire process is known as lead generation and the majority of businesses spend half of their marketing budget on it. However, only a few efforts are deemed successful. 

The reason behind this is that B2B lead generation strategies are ever-evolving. Hence, to achieve ultimate success in this field, one has to constantly be updated on the latest trends happening in the industry. In addition, there should be a workable plan for nurturing the leads and converting them without being too aggressive. Doing all these things precisely not only requires knowledge but also it needs your time.

So, it’s considered wise to partner with a B2B lead gen company to let them do all the monotonous work for you. In fact, there are tons of benefits to outsourcing lead generation to an agency. Yet, it’s important to hire the best fit for your organization. In this guide, we will discuss a few key points that you should know before hiring a lead generation company for your business. 

  1. Do You Have Your Priorities Straight?

This is often the most neglected part by organizations but it’s considered the most important thing to conduct before hiring a lead gen company. It’s because no two companies work the same way. Your goals and agenda are completely different than others. And, approaching a B2B lead gen company with a generic outcome like just to increase sales, isn’t worthwhile if you truly want to create an impact. 

Needless to say, the more precise and detailed your goals will be, the easier it becomes for the agency to help you out and deliver a satisfactory result. However, make sure that your goals are realistic and achievable. Besides, you can set a deadline if you want to. The priorities could be anything such as growing leads in numbers or getting less but qualified leads only, boosting revenue by a certain percentage, or doubling brand recognition in a specific location. 

Also, if possible, you can provide an agency with a proper definition of your audience and brand image along with the type of message that you want to deliver across the leads. This will help to better your outcomes within a short span of time. 

  1. What Are Their Customer Ratings? 

As more and more businesses are looking for B2B lead gen agencies, they are growing in numbers. The challenging part starts when everyone claims themselves as the best. So, the crucial step here is to check the online reviews before signing a contract with the company. You can start the research from Google but there are trusted sites like Clutch, and the Manifest to gather all information in one place. 

Besides, these sites rank every lead generation company based on their customer ratings which makes it easier for you to understand which company has the most satisfactory customer base. However, it’s also important to check which of these agencies specialize in the niche you’re working on and how many years of experience they have in generating leads in the industry. 

This will help to know whether they will be able to provide satisfactory results or not. You can read previous testimonials, case studies along, and other important things to understand everything in detail. 

  1. Do They Deliver Quality Leads?

Lead quality is far more important than lead quantity. Focusing solely on quantity doesn’t produce good results most of the time. For example, if a lead gen company is providing you with ten thousand customer data every week but none of them are converting into sales, is it worth your money? Absolutely not! 

Besides, it increases the chances of getting new problems like an increased rate of spam-complaint. This is the reason why lead quality is deemed more important in today’s time. So, it’s important to check whether the agency you’re hiring focuses on generating quality leads or not. 

You can understand this aspect by checking the method they apply for generating leads. For example, if the lead generation agency is buying ready-made data from somewhere else without understanding your business, then it’s highly possible that you’ll be getting poor-quality leads. So, look for organizations that use a well-defined strategy for generating and nurturing leads. 

  1. Do They Abide By The Data Protection Laws?

Since emails are considered personal data, it’s important to know whether the agency complies with the data protection laws especially if your customers are based in Europe. Generally, there’s GDPR or Can-Spam act in the unites states that everyone should be aware of before sending emails. 

Hence, you must ask the agency whether they have taken the necessary steps to keep their outreach without breaching the law. This will help you avoid any unnecessary problems in the future. 

  1. Who Is Representing Your Company?

With too many lead generation companies working in the industry, it would be a wise decision to find out who will be representing your company. There are a lot of them who talk about professionalism but don’t really possess the expertise and experience that require to help you succeed. 

So, find out whether is the team experienced in your industry and ICP or do they know what exactly they are talking about. During this time, you can understand the company’s workflow, reliability, time management, and other crucial aspects. 


Finding a B2B lead gen company that truly values your time, and efforts and understands your goals is a pretty challenging task. Especially, with so many agencies popping up in the market and offering similar services, it becomes more difficult. However, with the right understanding mixing up with a good amount of research can help you find an ideal partner. 

If you’re looking for a reputable and highly experienced B2B lead gen company for your business, we’re here to help you out. We not only understand the client’s requirements but also their vision to provide them with an ultimate satisfactory result. Schedule a no-obligation discovery call now to know more about our services.