In today’s world, the demand for perceptible and valuable content is touching its all-time high! But when it comes to creating valuable and perceptible content, marketers can’t risk themselves by sticking to static images only. Because, for today’s new-age people, static images won’t work alone. Marketers need to have a rock-solid video lead generation strategy to drive better ROI than static imagery. 

Although it’s no longer a secret that video lead generation can drive better ROI and it’s the key component of B2B lead generation strategy, very few are familiar with it. The problem with marketers is that they are unaware of why spending money on video lead generation strategy is worthwhile. However, the truth is B2B video lead generation can be flexible and you can use it to connect with all the customers across your lead generation funnel. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the role of video in today’s B2B lead generation space and how marketers can use it effectively to drive better ROI for their business. So, let’s get started, 

What Exactly is Video Marketing in B2B Lead Generation?

B2B video marketing means creating a solid lead generation strategy to drive the most sophisticated buyers across the globe. The hardest part of B2B lead generation is that you’re not lead generation to regular consumers but the busiest persons in the world. So, the lead generation strategy needs to be clear, concise, and highly professional. This is where video lead generation in the B2B space comes in and provides every marketer with long-term and short-term benefits. 

Here are some of the advantages of using video in B2B lead generation;

  • Increased Conversion: The best part of using video in B2B lead generation is that it helps you deliver the most precise lead generation message to your target customers. As a result, you can always expect a better conversion rate than any other form of content. There are various studies that show that video content is far more engaging and connecting than others. 
  • More Credibility: For B2B brands, building credibility is the most challenging part. However, when you add videos to your lead generation strategy, you are actually adding more credibility to your messages. But, in this case, marketers need to be more strategic when it comes to establishing brand credibility through videos. 
  • Strong Brand Message: The important part of B2B lead generation is to realize that you’re delivering the messages to a large segment of the audience. Therefore, to strengthen the brand message, you must include videos strategically to make it more effective. Research shows that when you introduce an influencer in your videos and share it through social networks, your brand message becomes stronger and better as compared to others. 
  • Better SEO: Increasing organic traffic in today’s competitive space isn’t an easy-breezy task anymore. However, with videos that contain the primary keywords within their description and title, you can increase your chances of ranking higher. This is because people can connect through videos as it is highly relevant and informative to any search topic. 
  • Easy-to-Grasp: The best part of video marketing is that videos can make it more effective when it comes to teaching your customers about a new concept, product, or service. Studies show that customers can retain more information when it’s presented in a visually compelling manner. 

So, the role of videos in B2B lead generation is indeed crucial. Keep on reading to find out the step-by-step process of creating a perfect video marketing strategy for lead generation. 

Steps of Creating a Rock-Solid Video Marketing Strategy For Lead Generation

  1. Set Realistic Goals

The first step that comes while creating a video marketing strategy for lead generation is to define some realistic goals that you want to achieve for your brand. A few marketers make the mistake of setting some unrealistic goals and later doubt their strategy. So, always visualize the ultimate aim while creating any video strategy for your brand. Experts suggest having a single goal because it leads to more focused and effective content creation in the end. 

  1. Decide Your Budget

Not every brand will have the same budget for their video marketing strategy. So, you need to have a predefined budget for your video production. Fortunately, video production is far more affordable in today’s time than before. This is the reason why there has been a significant percentage increase in marketers using video for their lead generation strategy. So, decide your budget before moving to the next step. 

  1. Pick a Video Type

There are a lot of different formats of videos you can use in your video marketing strategy. This includes explainer videos, 3-D motion graphics, how-to videos, etc. However, not every format will suit your strategy. Therefore, it is important to pick the video type that best suits your aim. For example, you can include a case study video when buyers are in the middle or in the last stage of the sales funnel. 

  1. Choose a Platform

Choosing an ideal platform to post videos is one of the most crucial and highly neglected steps in the B2B lead generation process. In most cases, marketers don’t understand how to choose the platform. But, it should be based on your target audience and the ideal goal of the video. So, pick the best platform based on these criteria and move to the next step of creating the video. 

  1. Create The Video

The final and critical step of a rock-solid video marketing strategy is to create the video in an extraordinary way. For this, you will need not only high-grade equipment but also professional knowledge of the industry. There are experts that can help you out throughout the process. So, if you’re struggling, it’s better to hire them and have a blast in your video marketing strategy. 

How Can We Help?

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