Leverage a Multi-channel Lead Generation Strategy For

Video Production Companies

SocialBloom helps you build a scalable and proven lead generation system for video production companies by leveraging a multi-channel approach. This includes email, LinkedIn, Gig sites, and many more. Our proven approach has generated over 10,000 leads and millions in revenue.


Why Video Production Companies

Use SocialBloom?

Uncover Market Intelligence

Get organized insights on your target market such as buyer windows, who are your most common competitors, who are the decision makers, and their pain points & goals. You can also segment data based on account differentiators.


Build Pipeline & Increase Revenue

SocialBloom’s main goal is to generate opportunities and increase your revenue. First, we need to agree on a revenue goal and calculate what it will take to reach the goal. We then provide the process, the team, and the tools to hit this established revenue goal.


Receive Updated Guidance

Sales is always changing. Our team is constantly improving and updating our service in order to provide our clients with the best possible results. We also communicate this info with our clients in order to be an extension of their team.


Custom-Built Team

We provide a custom built team, management, process, and tech-stack including the necessary tools and the proven process based on our client’s industry. SocialBloom team sets everything up and also manages everything in order to save you time and money.



Take Control Of Your

Lead Generation


SocialBloom provides a full-throttle growth engine to continue with your lead generation best practices. And, everything is done without keeping any secret from you. So, you take control of your lead generation while having the best experts by your side. This leads to higher lead conversion, meaning more booked meetings!


Here comes our value in the recruiting

Agencies tools and services

SocialBloom offers their clients (recruiting agencies) astrategic with our advanced tools and tailored campaigns especially designed for optimizingrevenue generation. We are specialist of proven outbound strategies that align closely with client goals, ensuring ROI.

By advanced and innovative technology and industry expertise, we understand agencies needs and streamline their recruitment processes effectively. Our commitment to delivering measurable results and creating long-term partnerships with the clients makes Social Bloom, a trusted ally in achieving sustained growth and competitive advantage in the recruiting sector.

Companies That

Stand With Us

  • $7 million in pipeline value added in 8 months

    We worked with the company’s marketing team to implement an outbound email campaign targeting corporate-level marketing executives from franchises.

  • Outbound for enterprise prospects

    Our customer was a recruiting software company focused on generating opportunities with enterprise clients. The following is how we booked DropBox, Cloudera, and Discord decision makers under 2 months.

  • Outbound campaign with a custom database

    Our point of contact was new to the company and had plenty of outbound experience but the rest of the individuals at the company did not. We worked with our main point of contact to bring an incredible outbound campaign to life.

  • Fitness Club Software

    Our customer had spent 2 years building and improving their software and was ready to implement a GTM strategy. The customer had funding and fantastic feedback from their ICP.

  • Outbound System For a Team of AEs

    Our customer was looking to book more high quality meetings for their team of account executives. The company was a workforce engagement platform that was focused on closing enterprise deals.

  • Scaling outbound for 1st sales hire

    Our software customer was looking to build out an entire sales cycle by implementing email campaigns and a new sales hire to take the discovery calls.

How Our Process

Looks Like

  • Calling (2% avg. conversion rate)

    Depending on your revenue goal, we make a certain number of calls weekly. Calling SDRs are based all over the world. However, if you have a location preference, we can align with it. Our goal is for our calling SDRs to create a dialogue with prospects over the phone in order to book meetings on your calendar. We also have our signature red zone process to optimize the campaign on a weekly basis until we hit your goal.

  • CRM

    When all these meetings start coming in, it is very important that there is a system in place to handle them. Otherwise, we will book qualified meetings and revenue might be closing from them.

    We help optimize your CRM in order to provide a clean system to increase the value you get from each SQL meeting we book!

  • Email (1% avg. conversion rate)

    Depending on your revenue goal, we send out a certain number of emails weekly. Our goal is to send out relevant emails to get positive responses and then have the SDR take the conversation over to book the leads into your calendar. We also have our signature red zone process to optimize the campaign on a weekly basis until we hit your goal.

  • Inbound demand generation

    This is where we set up your company profiles on websites like Clutch.co and do outbound to past/current clients to collect reviews. Once the profile is optimized, we start running paid campaigns to drive traffic to a landing page. This also helps us collect intent data to reach out to.

  • Onboarding

    The first step is onboarding. We need to understand who your ICP (ideal customer profile) is to ensure we book meetings with qualified leads that need your solution. During this time, we set up the messaging and contact lists.

  • AE/sales team

    With more and more qualified meetings getting booked, it is important to have experienced reps you can trust to close deals. We help source, train, and manage the sales team.

The Extensive Outbound

Campaigns By SocialBloom

SocialBloom’s outbound campaigns are advanced strategic initiatives and ideas are designed to engage potential customers and generate leads through direct outreach. Some of the key components are target outreach, content, approach, tracking, optimization, and practices.





In need of an email marketing strategy, a video production company is working with SocialBloom. The team is responsible for email setup, copywriting, scheduling, launching, and inquiry responses.


SocialBloom’s keen understanding of the project’s objectives has impressively helped produce positive results, increasing the open and response rate. Plus, they help improve communication and engagement to end clients. Moreover, the team is highly flexible in customizing all needed solutions.

“There’s an art to successful email campaigns, and Caleb is an expert at it.”

Bob Yuan
President, Circle Visions, Inc.

Calculating Potential Revenue

Here is an example of calculating potential revenue from different channels, given a certain number of contacts, a conversion rate, a close rate, and an average order size.