With every passing year, marketers are assessing new technologies and tools to streamline their B2B lead-generation process so that they can drive effective results. So, what may work in the current year may not work in the following year because the trends in B2B lead generation are continuously evolving. 

Many things are happening in 2023, impacting the global lead generation process. While many things will change and impact the lead generation in 2024. So, marketers need to be well-prepared with an effective strategy to generate more leads and increase revenue. 

In this article, we will discuss the top trends to watch in 2024 if you’re a B2B marketer laying out a perfect lead-generation strategy for your brand. 

Why Should You Follow The New Trends?

It might be a question for a lot of marketers why they should follow the changing trends every year, right? Well, the answer is to stay above the competitors. After all, as a B2B marketer, the primary focus of any marketing strategy is to cater to the audience’s needs and address their pain points. 

But, with every year, people’s preferences are changing. So, if you can’t follow the new trends and address the changing needs of your audiences, then all your marketing efforts will go in vain. 

In addition, the reasons why you should follow the trends in B2B lead generation include:

  • By following up on the new trends, you’re leveraging a customer-centric approach for your marketing that ensures efficient lead generation.
  • You can drive better ROI by following the new trends in marketing. 
  • Marketers can beat the competition by keeping their industry knowledge up-to-date. 

What Are The Lead Generation Marketing Trends in 2024?

  1. ABM or Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing started to emerge in the year 2023 and in fact, many companies have already switched to account-based marketing. But, assessing the current scenario, we can predict that ABM will be the new normal for every B2B brand. 

And, it’s becoming a critical part of B2B lead generation marketing because it hyper-targets people, enabling brands to personalize their messaging more efficiently to drive better leads. Earlier with traditional marketing and PPC, messages used to be thrown out to a broad segment of audiences. Among them, only a few clicked your links and the rest were not even interested which ruins all your effort. 

But with ABM, you can focus on a few handpicked accounts and increase the chances of getting more conversions. However, it’s important to note that account-based marketing can only thrive when your marketing and sales team collaborate and craft personalized buying experiences for all your high-value clients. 

  1. AI-Powered Lead Generation

With every year passing, AI is rapidly revolutionizing the marketing world. Since generative AI has broader advantages for marketers, people are relying more on it to do the needful tasks that would take plenty of time if done manually. 

So, generative AI is certainly going to be the significant trend in the B2B lead generation process in 2024. The best part of using AI is that you can use it everywhere starting from lead scoring to adding a personal touch to your messages. 

For example, lead scoring is a pretty time-consuming process when it is conducted manually. However, AI-powered scoring involves using various resources from social media engagement to website activity to machine learning for evaluating the quality of a lead based on their demographics and behavior. So, you can prioritize high-value customers and drive better conversions. Apart from that, you can use AI for crafting messages, generating blog article ideas, scraping data, proofreading content, and more. 

  1. Following The Updated Google Policies

Well, it is critical to follow the updated Google policies regardless of your marketing strategy. With every year, Google is updating its policies, and not following up with them simply means you are losing the game. 

Because, without following the policies and crafting the content accordingly, it becomes pretty difficult to rank your content higher. So, in the year 2024, if you want to remain in favor of the algorithms of Google, then there are a few things you need to follow. For example, if you have a few posts that are underperforming, it is better to remove them from your website. Because, if Google sees that users are returning from your page very quickly, then it thinks that the content isn’t worth reading. 

So, in case, any content is underperforming, it is always a wise decision to weed them out. Also, it is crucial to keep an eye on your reviews. It’s because, in April 2023, Google rolled out a new review update. In case, you have too many bad reviews about your brand, Google thinks it’s unauthorative. These are the few things to note if you want to follow up with the Google policies at the moment. 

  1. Customer Engagement

In 2024, customer engagement will be prioritized more by marketers. Therefore, it’s important to deepen your relationship with customers and discover new opportunities for meaningful network growth. 

Also, in upcoming years, customer loyalty will be considered a huge asset for brands. So, as a marketer, you have to embrace more collaborative growth by leveraging your community and network. 

With the changing trends and challenges in B2B lead generation, you must keep the best people with you if you don’t want to fall behind. Because hiring and training new people will be another big problem for brands. So, with the best people, you have to focus on customer engagement and build great relationships with them.

Key Takeaway

With the technological advancement in lead generation, it has become critical for every marketer to follow up on the latest trends in the industry to have an edge over their competitors. And, in fact, machine learning and automation, and other advancement are only making the job easier if you know the best ways to leverage them. However, if you are still facing challenges in B2B lead generation processes, SocialBloom is here. Being one of the trusted agencies in the B2B industries, we have the best experts in hand to help you level up your lead generation effort. To know more, contact us now!