If you’re in the B2B space, you cannot survive for long without having enough quality leads in your pipeline. It’s no hidden fact that quality leads are hard to generate, especially if you’re operating in a saturated market featuring high competition. However, there are working solutions to this problem, and lead generation software is one of them. This sales and marketing tool saves hours of manual work by automating and refining the prospecting process. It even allows your sales and marketing team together to create campaigns that drive top-notch leads.

Therefore, having good lead generation software will certainly help you reduce your manual work, increase lead generation efficiency, and bring a sea of qualified lead traffic that can be converted into paying customers. 

Still, with so many lead generation tools available in the market, how do you pick the best one for your business, right? No worries! To make your work more effortless, we’ve curated the top four, most underrated lead generation software that will make the entire lead generation process a breeze for you. Let’s get started, 

What is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software is both a marketing and sales app that allows your teams to generate qualified leads on autopilot. With the correct use of this app, you can boost your brand awareness, attract more qualified leads, and close more sales. The software focuses primarily on the top of the sales funnel, pulling in leads from various online channels like landing pages, social media, email, etc. It collects contact details of qualified prospects from these channels, so you can market your product/service to them with more intelligent insights. The ideal lead generation software will help you in the following aspects:

  • Improved Customer Insights

You cannot guess what your prospects are thinking, but lead generation software can accurately do that for you. Once you get hold of the right pain points of your consumers using the data from this software, you’re better able to market your offerings to them and convert them with ease.

  • Better Qualified Leads

Quality is always above quantity, and the same goes for lead generation efforts too. As a business, you want high-quality leads and not a high number of random leads. Lead generation software can separate the best and most relevant leads from the rest, allowing you to laser-target your target audience. So, if you want to save time without compromising on your lead generation efforts, having this software is a must for you.

4 Top B2B Lead Generation Software & Tools

If you’re struggling to find the best and most cost-effective lead generation tools for your business, we’ve got your back. We’ve curated and presented the list of the top B2B lead generation software below for your ease and quick reference.

  1. Orum

Orum lets you empower your inside sales team by automating the most challenging part of outbound calling. It leverages AI to filter out invalid numbers, navigate phone directories, detect voicemails, and get your sales representatives to join live conversations reasonably quickly. It claims to be 10x your lead generation activity and 2x your revenue with its usage.

Orum’s automation is as efficient as laser targeted, well-planned, and well-executed email marketing and outreach. You can easily integrate Orum with your CRM, call up to 10 numbers simultaneously, and join any live conversation for quicker conversions. This tool also comes with a free trial, so you must check it out.

  1. Outreach

Outreach aims to fill your sales execution gap with its cutting-edge, technologically advanced AI. If your sales team is plagued with inefficient prospecting, inaccurate sales forecasting, and weak deal management, then Outreach is for you. This software combines the best of accurate insights, total visibility, automation, and AI to ensure your pipeline is always filled with qualified leads.

So, with Outreach by your side, your team can bring intelligence to workflows, automate the most mundane lead generation tasks with utmost accuracy, and get insights to take real-time action for enhanced performance and higher conversion rates.

  1. WoodPecker

If your email marketing efforts haven’t been yielding good results, you should give a shot to the WoodPecker lead generation tool. Woodpecker enables businesses to start warm conversations with cold emails. With the tool’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to the feature-loaded toolset, you are sure to meet your lead generation goals.

The moment you log in to WoodPecker, you’ll know exactly how to create a campaign, send & follow up from the mailbox, and turn conversations into conversions. You can also leverage the tool’s advanced features to fine-tune your engagement rates and almost automate the sales part.  

  1. Apollo

Want to 10x your revenue? Apollo can help you achieve it. You can search, engage, and convert millions of verified contacts of over 30 million companies from a single dashboard. Apollo is a sales engagement and engagement platform that doubles up as a qualified lead generation tool for B2B companies.

With Apollo, you can access millions of verified B2B data, integrate your CRM for better insights, analyze and optimize your lead generation campaigns, and much more. Moreover, it lets you 10x your productivity, boost the positive reply rate by 25%, and increase the CTR by 17%. So, if you want an easy-to-use interface that delivers rewarding experiences, you must try out this top-notch lead generation software.   

Convert Prospects Using Tools that Work

With so much noise around, it can be challenging to employ the ideal lead generation software that does the work for you. Luckily, you don’t have to waste many hours trying out hundreds of tools to find the one that works best for you. We’ve tried and tested various lead generation tools, and curated the best insights to help you out. To boost your lead generation efforts almost instantly, you can start using any tool discussed above. You will indeed be amazed by the results these tools give at such an affordable rate.