Even if you have a solid in-house sales team, you will need someone to attract and convert a cold audience into a relatively warm audience interested in your business offerings. This is what exactly a B2B lead generation company does. They offer you their expertise in generating high-quality leads that create new business opportunities. However, with so many fly-by-nighters on the internet, it can be tough to find the best in this area. After all, generating qualified leads certainly takes a lot of effort, and not everyone can do it. So, the top ones only boast of generating maximum qualified leads for their clients. 

If you’ve decided to shift your entire focus on other essential things and hand over the lead generation work to experts, we’ve got you covered. After researching the various B2B lead generation companies, we’ve found the top six that fulfill their promise of generating high-quality leads. Keep on reading till the very end if you want to learn more about them and explore their offerings.

What Does a Lead Generation Company Do?

A lead generation company is responsible for collecting B2B data and selling them to the businesses that are trying to buy new leads. Since every business is different in nature, the primary role of a good lead generation company is to analyze your business and other areas that impact your sales and marketing and then source the leads. Such companies have all the required resources that help them streamline the entire process and make it more efficient. Unlike your in-house lead generation team, an agency has a laser focus on achieving maximum leads for its clients. 

In addition, they have the required tools, databases, and resources that make the entire lead generation process smooth and more effective for them. However, these companies may vary in their offerings. For instance, some may conduct all the work to generate leads for you and pass it on to you to close and others may offer a close too. Moreover, you can get expert advice from industry experts, escape the tiring process of cold calling to get qualified leads, cut through the sales cycle, save money on test and trial efforts, and get better results on varied budgets.

Do You Need Both Lead Generation Companies & Software?

Whether you need the help of a lead generation company or software entirely depends on your business needs. When you hire any B2B lead generation company, you’re paying them for their expertise, resources, and results. The top B2B lead generation companies use their own high-end, highly sought after, and effective lead generation software. In such cases, you won’t have to invest separately in tools. If you have a special in-house sales team, you might consider investing in some lead generation tools as they offer a plethora of insights that can help your sales team close more deals.

Many companies hand over the entire lead generation activities to reliable companies and don’t indulge in lead generation activities at their end. They expect the hired lead generation agency to use their own tools, database, and other resources to generate the promised result. If you have a limited budget, spending on a lead generation agency will be a better option than spending the same on any lead generation software.

The Top 6 B2B Lead Generation Companies in 2022

Now it’s time to walk you through the top lead generation companies that definitely deserve your time and consideration. Let’s get started, 

  1. Socialbloom

Rated 5 stars on Clutch, Socialbloom is an agency that would make you escape the lengthy sales process and help you flourish online by taking care of every aspect of digital marketing. This B2B lead generation company is worth your attention as it follows a structured workflow of identifying your target market, customer profile, and other qualities to create a successful campaign. Once, they understand your target audience, they scrape the prospect’s data based on intent data, ICP, and other company qualities. Then, the experts run email, calling, and LinkedIn campaigns.

Moreover, they handle everything from data enrichment to scheduling a discovery call. As Socialbloom has a highly skilled team of lead generation experts, you can rarely go wrong with their services. They also conduct A/B testing to analyze any flaws and explore the full potential of a campaign. 


Known for its sophisticated B2B lead generation approach, CIENCE is a well-known B2B lead generation agency. This company is known for its tech-enabled research, multi-channel prospecting, analyzing lead responses, and scaling the campaigns using its orchestrated outbound platform. CIENCE has worked with thousands of companies operating in different industries and given them phenomenal results. If you want a reliable lead generation agency to look after the entire top-of-the-funnel lead generation efforts, you can easily rely on CIENCE.

  1. Belkins

Rated as one of the top and most well-known digital marketing agencies globally by Clutch, GoodFirms, and Inc. 5000, Belkins is a global B2B lead generation service provider. This lead generation and digital agency have worked with countless organizations in over 50 industries. Belkins looks after appointment setting, lead generation & research, and influencer marketing to complement its primary lead generation tasks. They have access to dozens of data sources and a specialized data processing approach that aids in generating faster and quality results.  

  1. VSA Prospecting

A best-in-class lead generation agency, VSA Prospecting utilizes its available insights, experience, and expertise to fill your pipeline with numerous quality leads. They have a team of skilled lead generation specialists who design custom programs to meet your challenges. VSA Prospecting has a proven track record of success, so you can check it out before deciding if it’s the right agency for your lead generation efforts or not. Over the years, they’ve made over 3 million calls, arranged over 60,000 appointments, and helped close over $120 million in revenue in new business.   

  1. Tidal

Want to fill your sales funnel real quick? Tidal can help you with it. This B2B lead generation company combines science and technology with a human-centered approach to drive more qualified leads for your business. Tidal has expertise working with a diverse set of clients in different industries, so they know what they’re doing. Their data-backed lead generation approaches, expertise collected over the years, and abundance of resources at their disposal help them become excellent at their job.   

  1. Cognism

Cognism has a strong international team providing transformative solutions to help in-house teams drive predictable lead generation and enhanced conversions across all segments. They have helped hundreds of organizations bag new business amounting to millions due to their efforts. Whether you want to build contact lists, find contact details, or enrich the sales navigator search, Cognism has got you covered. If you want a reliable B2B lead generation agency that makes your work easier and gets you results, you have to try out their services.

Are You Ready to Skyrocket Your Revenue?

Lead generation is a time-consuming and effort demanding task that not everyone can do with finesse. It is where B2B lead generation companies come into the picture. To make your work easier, we’ve listed above the top B2B lead generation companies worth approaching for your lead generation tasks. You can reach out to either one to get the best results.