The top 1% of B2B marketers and lead generation specialists are the ones who constantly keep updating their knowledge. While there are various ways to hone one’s lead generation skills, reading good books on this subject is one of the best methods discovered so far. You can come across unique techniques and information on the B2B lead generation process if you frequently or regularly read the books.

However, the market has thousands of lead generation books available, but not every book deserves your time and money. Hence, to make your work easier, we’ve curated a list of the top five books that every person in the B2B lead generation space should read at least once. These books are full of golden nuggets, free of fillers, and highly sought after by industry leaders. So if you’re willing to spend some time on a good read in your area of interest, keep on reading this blog.

Why Should You Read a Good Lead Generation Book?

If you thought reading books are not worth your time, you should stop and rethink. It’s because some lead generation tactics may become obsolete with time. If you don’t want to chalk your lead generation strategies that have ceased to work, you must start planning with the latest information available in the top lead generation books and other available resources. Reading the books will benefit you in various ways in the short and long term. Some of the benefits of reading a good lead generation book are:  

  • Learn New Techniques

Lead generation is a process that changes with time. If you’re trying to attract and close deals with strategies that worked a decade before, you’re surely in for some big trouble. You can easily navigate this problem by staying at the helm of the latest lead generation strategies shared in the best books.

  • Improve Your Knowledge Base

One of the primary benefits of reading the best B2B lead generation books is building up a robust knowledge base. You can use this knowledge to craft winning lead generation strategies, close more clients, and keep the funnel full with highly qualified traffic.

  • Upgrade Your Skills

Lead generation is a skill that is hard to master. But with the right information and guidance, it can be a breeze. If you want to upgrade your lead generation skills and become a specialist, you must read the top-rated B2B lead generation books. Doing so will help you emerge as a top talent in your industry.

5 Most Reliable Lead Generation Books to Read in 2022

If you’re ready to up your lead generation game, order the following lead generation books and start reading them at the earliest. 

  1. Tech Powered Sales By Justin Michael & Tony Hughes

Tech Powered Sales is a unique book featuring the current and future sales tech landscape. You can view this book as a practical manual for implementing the latest sales technology. The entire book is easily broken into three sections, viz.: salesborg theory, salesborg action, and the future of selling. Even if you’re familiar with some powerful state-of-the-art sales strategies, this book will give you at least a dozen more robust ideas. Don’t miss reading it if you’re really serious about your lead generation efforts.

  1. Combo Prospecting By Tony J. Hughes

Want a business book with the right mix of case studies, latest data insights, theoretical information, and latest working lead generation techniques? If you answered yes, you would certainly enjoy reading Combo Prospecting. Half of this entire book focuses on revealing the sales world to the reader and the associated brutal facts. The author does a phenomenal job of highlighting the problem and suggesting ways to navigate the situation. Making the reader aware of the truth of the sales world, followed by sharing insightful implications, best ways to navigate the problem, examples, and action menu is the format used in most chapters.  

  1. Predictable Revenue By Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

Want to learn the exact sales process and lead generation secrets that helped Salesforce earn $100 million in recurring revenue? If yes, the book Predictable Revenue is a must-read. Luckily, this is not another random book on cold calling or closing deals. This book was exclusively written for CEOs, sales VPs, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in boosting revenue using robust lead generation strategies. Some of the key areas this book focuses on are management tips, fatal sales mistakes, lead generation nets, and sales training. If you want to up your lead generation game fairly fast, getting a copy of this book is a must for you.  

  1. The Sales Development Playbook By Trish Bertuzzi

One of the best books on sales development in the market, The Sales Development Playbook, is sure to leave you amazed. This book is easily divided into six main sections, where the author talks about strategy offers, stories of new thinking, recruiting offers, retention methods, onboarding tactics, and sales leadership. You’ll be left with quite a handful of strategies that can skyrocket your lead generation efforts as you finish the book. 

  1. Fanatical Prospecting By Jeb Blount

Rated #1 among the best-selling books in the telemarketing category, fanatical prospecting is a book you cannot ignore reading. Divided into various sections, the book highlights some crucial points for salespeople alongside stating their importance. For example, the book highlights how salespeople ignoring phone calls always fail, successful activities take around 90 days, top performers always organize their day into distinct time blocks, etc. The book delivers practical processes and also shares some sales templates that are hard to find elsewhere online or offline. If you want to quickly learn more about these in detail, get your copy of the book today.    


If you’re a dedicated lead generation specialist focused on growing the revenue or customer base, make sure you read one or all of the books from the list shared above. You will immensely benefit from these readings and help your company achieve the best results so far.