Digital marketing has been growing extremely fast in recent years and continues to grow daily. The biggest issue with digital marketing is, there isn’t a clear step by step guide that shows you how to effectively market your business online. But, there is an extremely effective goal that works for all businesses. It’s creating a digital brand inside your viewers head. When you see the Apple logo or the Microsoft logo, you think tech. Just seeing these logos act as an advertisement because these businesses are branded into your head. You want to do the same with your business. The steps are simple but it does take time and you must be consistent. 



You should take time to think over what you want people to think of when they see your business. Think of two words, an adjective and a noun that describes your business. This will be the brand you want people to think of you as. Think of this everytime you describe your business, create content, and engage. When you implement your brand into your work, it will create a vibe to your customers.



Once you discover what your brand is, share it everywhere. The more people see your business, the better chance they will become customers. This takes time. Sharing one post or running one ad won’t convert. The most trustworthy and profitable businesses are consistent. Share your brand on your personal accounts also. I suggest sharing content to viewers at least every other day. Your content doesn’t always have to be salesy either. As long as the content relates to the brand image you want to create, you can post it.



When we say this, we mean connect with other businesses that have a similar brand image and similar values. If you sell athletic clothing, connect with gyms, athletes, and other athletic businesses. This seems basic but, it’s extremely important. Connecting with similar businesses validates your brand to viewers. With these businesses, you can build partnerships, advertise through them, advertise for them, ect. This is also a great way to reach your target market and implement your brand to viewers. 



Once you consistenly create and spread your brand image, something called the Yin and Yang Effect will happen.

Here is an example: Let’s say your business mainly sells shoes. When someone realizes thy need new shoes, they think of your business. And when someone sees your business, they automatically think of the adjective and noun that describes your business (in this case, durable shoes). Your brand is now engraved in your target markets heads.

When this happens, your business will spread by word of mouth like a wild fire. You don’t need to pitch your business in depth as much anymore. People attach to certain businesses and this is exactly how it’s done. 


Once you’ve created and marketed your brand, you still need to engage and post content that relates to your brand image. This will improve the Yin and Yang effect and spread your brand image to more people.