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What Makes SocialBloom Superior?

Red-Zone Process

In order to optimize and ramp our outbound campaigns, our teams follow our signature Red-Zone process. Every week our team sees if we are on track to hit our campaign goal. If we are not on track, we are in the Red-Zone. The team then has a document that they go through to identify what the issue is, what the solution is, and then they implement it for the following week. Optimizing campaigns on weekly basis helps us ramp faster than any other company or team.

The Buyer's Window

We don’t just get a list and then contact everyone on it. We rather reach out to prospects that have a pain point (that they are aware of) and provide them a solution that they offer. In other words, we want to reach out to the percent of people in your target market that are ready to buy. How do we do this? First, we identify the event trigger that puts your target market in the buyers window. Then, we prospect based on this event trigger and create relevant messaging around it. Then we run the campaigns towards them!

ICP Data

We have revolutionized the way businesses use data sets to create personas. We use tools to allow us to quickly and easily generate dynamic and actionable insights from demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data that help you better understand your target audience. By leveraging this advanced data analysis tool, you can identify key customer segments and create detailed profiles of each one. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of who they are, what motivates them, and how to reach them with more effective outbound campaigns.

Our Happy Clients Have A Few Words For You

Learn how we generated 70+ sales opportunities over the course of 3 months through a tailored email drip campaign. Watch our founder and one of our clients discuss the scope of the campaign, strategies we used, and final results.


How does SocialBloom Measure Performance?

In the first initial one to two weeks, we focus on open rates, response rates, connection rates, and calls picked up. Once we hit our goals within these metrics, we focus on leads generated, qualified meetings booked, and sales closed.

What does your process look like?

The first step is to research your company and understand your ideal customer profile. We target companies that fall under your ICP and mirror qualities of past customers. Our team will qualify the prospects and complete the hand-off to sales.

Do you work with the sales team?

The sales team can be invited into the outbound slack channel so they have insights on the prospects that have been booked into their calendar. When we send emails, we go under the AEs aliases so there is no awkward hand off on the prospects end.

How do you integrate into our systems?

We work with you to integrate systems based on your existing CRMs and sales processes. This varies client to client depending on their current set up. Usually there is no need to re-invent the wheel, but build a TOF system on top of what you already have.

Who will be working on my campaign?

Each client has a team of list builders, an SDR, a copywriter, a strategist, and a campaign manager. This team is put in place to support the provided SDR for issues like deliverability and perfecting the message.

What KPIs do you track?

We track all the basics like open rates and replies, but mainly focus on the number of qualified meetings booked.

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