Innovative Outbound Marketing

for SaaS

SocialBloom, your top-tier B2B lead generation partner ensures that you get a proven and scalable lead generation system to drive higher conversion rates and long-term success from outbound marketing efforts. Get an innovative outbound marketing solution for SaaS Now!


Eliminate the need for ongoing retainers and reduce the dependency on external agencies with a rock-solid lead generation system that you own and control.

Continuous Optimization

Our Red-Zone process ensures continuous optimization, leveraging a track record of generating over 10,000 leads and millions in revenue.

Multichannel Strategy

SocialBloom lead generation approach includes email, LinkedIn, calling, and many more ensuring a wider reach and higher engagement compared to others.

Cost-Effective Structure

For a one-time setup fee of only $15,000 and a manageable monthly software fee of $1500, you can own a robust system designed for long-term success, offering better outcomes.


Backed by a Track Record of Generating

Millions in Revenue

SocialBloom is backed by a proven track record of generating a whopping 10,000+ leads and millions in revenue. Therefore, our full-throttle system can help you build, manage, and scale your sales system from lead to close.

Core Features



CRM help

Streamline and simplify the integration of SFDC and HubSpot, guiding clients through setup, providing training and support for onboarding. Their expertise ensures a smooth transition for seamless use of both platforms.

Contact enrichment and databases

SocialBloom scrapes and builds custom databases and contact lists. We are also able to add in custom lines and manually enriched data.

Playbook/onboarding process

Receive a custom built outbound playbook, roadmap, copy, and an ICP workshop with a strategist.


Ready to Boost

Your Revenue?

Choosing SocialBloom over a traditional agency ensures you get a scalable, proven lead generation system that you own and control, eliminating dependency on ongoing retainers. Our comprehensive, multichannel approach combined with the Reed-Zone optimization process and extensive initial manual optimization guarantees higher conversion rates and long-term success, backed by our track record of generating over 10,000 leads and millions in revenue.

Companies That

Stand With Us

  • $7 million in pipeline value added in 8 months

    We worked with the company’s marketing team to implement an outbound email campaign targeting corporate-level marketing executives from franchises.

  • Outbound for enterprise prospects

    Our customer was a recruiting software company focused on generating opportunities with enterprise clients. The following is how we booked DropBox, Cloudera, and Discord decision makers under 2 months.

  • Outbound campaign with a custom database

    Our point of contact was new to the company and had plenty of outbound experience but the rest of the individuals at the company did not. We worked with our main point of contact to bring an incredible outbound campaign to life.

  • Fitness Club Software

    Our customer had spent 2 years building and improving their software and was ready to implement a GTM strategy. The customer had funding and fantastic feedback from their ICP.

  • Outbound System For a Team of AEs

    Our customer was looking to book more high quality meetings for their team of account executives. The company was a workforce engagement platform that was focused on closing enterprise deals.

  • Scaling outbound for 1st sales hire

    Our software customer was looking to build out an entire sales cycle by implementing email campaigns and a new sales hire to take the discovery calls.


What Will You Get

With Us

A Robust Lead-Gen

For you, SocialBloom takes care of all the back-end infrastructure required to get your lead generation process ready to rock.

Sales Process

SocialBloom is partnered with Sales GENIUS to give you a free sales process audit.

Crafting Marketing

Create high-converting marketing materials for instant results with no effort required on your part. We create hand-crafted and tailored marketing materials to engage your audience.

Low-Cost Fees

SocialBloom’s low fee structure is mainly designed in a way that it will generate more revenues for SaaS agencies tailored to meet client’s expectations.

Optimize Marketing

SocialBloom not only helps you launch your campaigns but also helps in optimizing them through precise ICP targeting.

Training Of The

We understand having a team that you own and control is crucial. This is why, SocialBloom helps you train your team by providing them with real-time SOPs that cover all aspects of your lead generation system.

The Extensive Outbound

Campaigns By SocialBloom

SocialBloom’s outbound campaigns are advanced strategic initiatives and ideas are designed to engage potential customers and generate leads through direct outreach. Some of the key components are target outreach, content, approach, tracking, optimization, and practices.





SocialBloom was hired by an educational technology company for their email marketing services. This mainly involves creating email content, managing email flows, and responding to potential leads.


Since working with SocialBloom, the client has seen a 70% increase in product awareness. The team is a highly reliable and collaborative partner — they address issues accordingly and communicate updates and feedback clearly. Overall, they’re very easy to work with.

“They’ve taken the burden out of lead generation through their email marketing skills.”

Wendy Oke
CEO, TeachKloud


SocialBloom was hired by a SaaS company to handle their email marketing initiatives. They were tasked with helping write and edit copy, generating leads, and reaching out to prospects via email.


Despite some challenges at the beginning of the project, SocialBloom led a successful email marketing campaign. The team led an organized approach and stayed on top of their tasks throughout, allowing for a smooth workflow. Their tendency to go above and beyond to produce optimal results stood out.

“They were organized and always on top of their tasks.”

Matthew Khorsandi
CEO, GLP Marketing

Calculating Potential Revenue

Here is an example of calculating potential revenue from different channels, given a certain number of contacts, a conversion rate, a close rate, and an average order size.