Case Study

Outbound campaign with a custom database

Our point of contact was new to the company and had plenty of outbound experience but the rest of the individuals at the company did not. We worked with our main point of contact to bring an incredible outbound campaign to life.


About the company

The company provided WiFi services for apartments. They seemed to have a deep understanding of their ICP and their pain points. Our client just needed a robust and effective system to be put in place and managed. They wanted to get around 10-15 qualified meetings per month.

How it worked

We had one SDR, one email campaign manager, two data extraction managers, one copywriter, and one account manager working on this project. We created an outbound playbook and campaign roadmap during onboarding. We also provided the tech stack, copy, and contact data.



The client provided the database which allowed us to see who was building certain apartments and what stage the apartment was in. The client mentioned during onboarding that the “buying window” was when the prospect was planning or in the early stages of building the apartment. This allowed us to reach out to prospects during the specific buyers window which made our messaging relevant.


Over the first 3 months, we generated 47 qualified leads with a 60.11% open rate!

    The Results


    Over the course of our campaign, we achieved the following:

      Total Delivered


      Average open rate for all campaigns

      Qualified Leads

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