B2B lead generation is an important yet critical process for every B2B marketer. For some, it is a hard-to-crack process. As a result, many of these marketers waste a lot of their time in marketing and strategizing without precision. However, if you truly understand lead generation, it is simple and works like a true charm when your sales and marketing efforts are consistent and aligned. 

But, even though you have cracked what lead generation is, most people struggle when it comes to bringing out the result of their efforts. Because the ultimate challenge is to increase the number of conversions within a limited budget. So, how do you multiply your B2B lead generation results quickly? Well, since it is a challenge for many people, we have decided to discuss this topic in this article. 

So, if you want to know how to make the most out of your lead generation efforts so that you can win consistent sales, grow your business to the fullest, and be able to predict and increase your ROI every financial year. So, let’s get started, 

The Process of The B2B Sales Cycle

Before unleashing the strategies to multiply your B2B lead generation result, let’s quickly get started with the process of the B2B sales cycle. So, here it goes, 

  • Step One: The first and most important step of the B2B sales cycle is to find the leads or contact information of these leads including their email addresses, phone numbers, etc. These contact information can be generated by any reputed third-party lead generation company like us, or sourced in-house. However, it is best to trust a professional in this case. 
  • Step Two: The second step of the B2B sales cycle is to reach out to high-quality leads that meet all the criteria of a lead scoring system. So, basically, for this step to be successful, you need a lead scoring system to understand which leads should be prioritized more than others. Once done, the sales representatives reach out to these leads through emails, cold calls, or any other medium. 
  • Step Three: The third step of the sales cycle is to qualify these leads based on three stages which are awareness, consideration, and conversion. In this phase, you must create strategies for each different stage of the audience and nurture them throughout the process. 
  • Step Four: The final step is to close the leads by making the sale. After creating piles of content to attract people and making multiple efforts, your deal is done. Now you will need a rock-solid strategy to keep up the strong bond with your customer. 

3 Steps to Multiply Your Lead Generation Result

If you want to multiply your lead generation result within a quick time frame, then the ideal way would be to customize the strategy as per your product, industry, and target audience. This is why only one or two strategies don’t suffice in a lead generation process. Here are some of the expert’s suggested steps to increase your lead generation result within a quick time, 

  1. Automate Your Sales Process Righly

With evolving technology, it is now important to automate the sales process precisely. Reports say that marketers who use automation properly to nurture their leads are likely to see a whopping 451% increase in their qualified leads. So, for marketers, automation is deemed a critical tool for keeping their sales process consistent. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t go overboard with automation. You must automate only the right activities so that the team can bring more leads and generate more revenue. 

The activities that should be automated include launching marketing campaigns, sending emails in sequences, sending out follow-up messages, updating databases, reviewing lead generation tools, etc. There are various lead generation automation tools you can use for automating these processes. 

  1. Create a Strong Case Study

A case study acts as social proof and helps to build trust among your audience by providing solid evidence of how your product or services have worked in the past. Nowadays, people need more evidence to trust your brand because there are so many competitors trying to sell the same. So what makes you unique? This is why creating a case study is so crucial. 

Also, while making a case study a few important steps should be noted. For example, you must be honest about your mistakes and describe how you have learned from them. Also, you should introduce the solution precisely and describe as well as quantify your result. This will help you create a rock-solid case study. 

  1. You Must Focus On Original Research

This has been the most neglected part of the B2B lead generation process. But, original research can truly supercharge your lead generation efforts. So, professionals always look out for realistic data or statistics that can make their efforts faster and smarter. You can use Google to find all the shared, consumed, and reposted data online. 

Also, experts suggest doing thorough research before crafting any content for your target audiences. You can find out the mistakes that others are making and ensure you don’t repeat them. Besides, there are tons of ideas available online that you can take and create unique content after doing your research. 


These are some of the key things to note if you want to multiply your B2B lead generation results. Moreover, what may work for others may not work for you. So, you must always trust a professional in this case to find out what truly works for you and act accordingly. Lead generation isn’t an easy task. It requires a thorough understanding of your industry, product, and target audience to be able to increase the ROI through it. 

This is why SocialBloom, your #1 B2B lead generation agency is here to help you. We have experts who can help you scale your outbound campaigns with rock-solid strategies and top-tier tools. If you want to know more about how to scale your lead generation campaigns, don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery call with us now!