Every B2B marketer should understand customer touchpoints and how they can create more value throughout the customer journey map. This means B2B marketers need to have a clear strategy of how they can add value at every step of their buyer’s journey. After all, providing an ultimate and rich customer experience is the aspiration of every brand. And, when you make efforts in the right direction, the results will be worth noticing. 

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers still don’t clearly understand what exactly customer touchpoints are and how they should add value. So, what is a customer touchpoint? Well, customer touchpoints are referred to as the stages or maybe points where you or your brand interact with your customer throughout the buying journey, from start to end. Since the way you interact with your customers through every step is deemed crucial for your brand image, customer touchpoints should be clearly understood by every marketer.

Now, the question is how you can use video at every customer touchpoint to add value to it, right? Well, using video has always been deemed crucial since it brings almost 80% of the traffic. But, a lot of marketers still don’t understand how they should use a video in this case. So, in this guide, we will discuss how you should use video at every customer touchpoint. 

How & Where Should You Use a Video

Video is deemed the king of content. However, the problem that most businesses face is to come up with a unique video marketing strategy for every customer touchpoint that will help them scale in the business. Earlier, producing a video would take a significant amount of time, resources, and budget. But, thanks to today’s technology and tools one can create videos for every segment of their audience within a short period of time. So, how will you create personalized videos for every customer touchpoint? Well, let’s continue reading, 

  1. Videos For The “Awareness” Phase

When you’re making videos for customers who are in the “awareness” phase, it should be informative, research-oriented, and easy-to-understand. Because, in this phase, your customers aren’t aware of the products or services that your brands offer. Awareness videos can be used in targeted social media ads or video campaigns. You can use a variety of different types of videos like promo videos, and how-to videos in this phase to make your customers understand more about your brand. 

If you’re wondering how you can create such mass videos, then there are lot of video creation tools that may help you create videos from scratch. But, make sure it is relevant, simple, and professional. If you have a larger brand, then awareness-stage videos may include brand films, mini-documentaries, or short movies. This may require you help of a professional to make such high-end videos. So, we don’t advise this to small to medium-sized companies. 

  1. Videos For The “Consideration” Phase

Once the awareness phase is finished, the customer enters into the “consideration” phase. In this phase, the customer already has a clear understanding of the problem and now looking for different ways to solve it. Since, there are various brands like yours offering the same solution to the customer, in this phase, your video should be about differentiating your brand from others. 

So, in the consideration phase, you should create videos that will build rock-solid relationships with your customers, connect with them from the bottom of their hearts, and create a strong image of your brand in your customers’ minds. These videos are best sent through an email or CRM including Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Markeo, or maybe through a newsletter. However, when sending a video out through an email or newsletter, marketers must remember that the video is extremely informative and worthy of a watch. 

Hence, for this phase, it is ideal to create product reviews, expert guides, or about-us videos to help your brand stand out from the competitors. Since these videos humanize your brand, customers feel like you’re speaking to them directly and it creates a strong impression on them. 

  1. Videos For The “Decision” Phase

Once customers reach the “decision” phase, they already know about your product, competitors, and your brand. And, they are ready to choose you. Still, in this phase, customers may need more information before they proceed. So, making videos in the decision phase is deemed extremely crucial. And, you must be cautious while producing it as a slight mistake can lead you back to square one. 

So, videos for the “decision” phase should be about establishing the last rapport with your potential customers and helping them perceive you as a leader in the industry. You can build trust by creating case studies, testimonials, and product demonstration videos in this phase. Remember, videos should be made in a creative way and help your customers understand how it will solve their problems. 

  1. Videos For The “Retention” Phase

This is the last touchpoint where you must add value through videos. In this phase, your videos should include a variety of product-based video personalized updates or loyalty programs, etc. A personalized approach in the retention phase is deemed much more effective if you want repeat business from your customers. 

So, these are the type of videos you should focus on producing throughout the customer touchpoint to add more value. 

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