In B2B marketing, lead generation is indeed the most critical step to drive up more number of paying customers. But, you know what’s more important? It’s the process of building up trust among customers. After all, why would people agree to rely on your brand when there are others to help them out, right? So, your lead generation effort should ultimately focus on building up trust among your target customers. 

But why is trust deemed so crucial in the overall lead-generation process? Well, with every activity of lead generation, you’re persuading a customer to make a purchase. And, without establishing a trustworthy relationship with your customer, you can’t increase the opportunity of converting a potential customer to a paying client. So, it is of course true that making sales is the top priority for every B2B marketer in their lead generation process, but you can yield much better results when you prioritize building trust. 

However, the question that hovers around marketer’s minds is how they can build trust through the lead-generation process. Well, in this article, we will discuss the steps that marketers must follow to build trust through the lead generation process. So, let’s get started, 

Build Trust With The Help Of Content Marketing

The internet is already overflooded with content. But, the problem is that most of this content isn’t even useful for people who are looking for information. So, you can set your brand apart from this clutter and help build trust with content marketing. Whether it’s social media content, company blogs, LinkedIn posts, or any kind of content, the primary focus in this case should be to create useful, relatable, and authentic information that people are searching for. 

Here are some of the techniques experts use to generate trust through content marketing;

  • You can create content that focuses on teaching your audience about something, maybe a product or service or industry best practices. Experts typically try to answer their audience’s questions in some of their content to help the readers get a quick solution. When you genuinely try to solve people’s problems by answering their queries, it helps you to build trust. 
  • Another method of building trust through content marketing is to create inspirational content aside from creating educational content. You can tailor your messages in such a way that people feel inspired to take quick action on your advice. For this, the content should be created in a way that empathizes with their needs, wants, insecurities, etc.
  • In today’s overly cluttered markets, making your brand stand apart from the rest is quite challenging. So, you need to create content smartly to make others perceive you as the thought leader in the industry. For this, you can create more in-depth content like case studies, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. 
  • Another way you can build trust through content marketing is to share the most relevant content with your individual customers after the cold-calling process ends. For example, you can send your customers an infographic supporting your entire sales pitch. It will not only help customers to understand you better but also create a meaningful relationship between you and the audience. 

Build Trust With The Help Of Cold Calls

Cold calling is still considered the most ever-green lead generation technique that never leaves a marketer upset when done right. But, cold calling isn’t just about starting calling people randomly and confusing them with all your sales pitches. This will only turn your reputation down in so many ways. However, when you strategize your entire cold calling approach and focus on building trust through the calls, it yields better results. 

But, how can you build trust through cold calls? This is often the most challenging part as marketers don’t know the person they are talking to. So, doing homework is essential in this case. You must conduct enough research before making a single call so that you can make a customer understand why they should engage with your brand. 

Build Trust By Being Transparent 

When it comes to building trust among your target customers, it’s obvious that you need to be transparent. Unfortunately, many businesses forget about this fact and they seem to suffer in the end. To be utmost transparent to your audience, it is best to create different segments of your audience and create content accordingly. It will help you to stay on point with each group of customers. 

Also, it is important to be clear with the pricing and other upfront charges related to your services. Because it will help the people to make an informed decision. In a lot of cases, marketers notice lower conversion rates due to having less transparent information about pricing. 

Build Trust With The Help of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing works well when it comes to building trust. This is why referrals are deemed highly crucial because your new prospect will have the willingness to discuss opportunities with you due to the trust factor. So, rather than bombarding your website with multiple positive reviews, you can use customer referrals when it comes to telemarketing strategy in the B2B industry. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any positive reviews on the site though! But, having a balance is all we are talking about. 

Referral marketing has the power to turn your coldest call into the warmest one by creating a commonality for the sales representative. This also helps to create a strong and trustworthy relationship with others as well. 

Contact SocialBloom For The Ultimate Lead Generation Process

Lead generation is indeed crucial for your B2B marketing. And, when done right, it can yield immense benefits to your brand and to yourself. However, a lot of marketers face extreme challenges throughout the lead generation process due to the changing technologies, trends, policies, and all. As a result, they fail to build trust among their target customers. 
This is why Socialbloom is here to offer you a strategic approach to help you build trust and gain the ultimate benefits through lead generation. To know more, schedule a discovery call with us now!