Case Study

Go to Market Campaign for Fitness Club Software

Our customer had spent 2 years building and improving their software and was ready to implement a GTM strategy. The customer had funding and fantastic feedback from their ICP.


About the company

We decided an email campaign would fit the necessary demand they were looking for. Our client provided software for fitness clubs.

Our goal was to book as many meetings as possible with franchise owners, local fitness club owners, and c-level executives from large fitness franchises. We wanted to implement this assortment of ICPs to provide quality and quantity both. 


How it worked

Our team worked directly with the founder and we provided a team of one SDR, one email campaign manager, two data extraction managers, one copywriter, and one account manager.


We realized in onboarding that all 3 segments had different reasons to book a meeting with our customer to learn more about their software. Because of this, we had to create separate pieces of copy for each segment based on their pain points, goals, and day to day work. This way, we could run campaigns with relevancy at scale. 


Due to the existing ICP knowledge our customer already had, we were able to get up and started after one week of onboarding. We achieved our first lead in under 5 days of starting.

    The Results


    Over the course of our campaign, we achieved the following:

      Sent Emails


      Prospects Opened EMails

      Qualified Leads


      Conversion from lead to booked meeting

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