You might be missing out on a larger conversion rate if you aren’t threading email, LinkedIn, and calling together. These channels are the “three best friends” of outbound and complement each other to keep pipelines full of demos. 

Social selling or just LinkedIn works, sort of. There was a time where you could automate LinkedIn and send hundreds of cold messages each week to a certain title or group. Because of how easy it was, so many people did it. This caused LinkedIn cold messaging inflation and is now seen  as a complete nuisance by some. LinkedIn cold works but we use it as a complementary channel around email and the phone. It’s like the glue between the other two channels while showing that you are in fact, a legitimate person. 


Cold calling is not dead. Calling successfully matters on a couple of things. First, the data needs to be accurate. Calling 100 numbers with 30% invalid is not good. Second, you need to be able to move off a script. The call needs to be genuine and you need to treat it as a small discovery call to better understand how they are handling the problem you solve. Don’t sell, just understand.


Just getting emails out to prospects can be confusing for some. You need clean domains, warmed emails, SPF, DMARC, DKIM, copy that won’t land you in spam, and staying within a certain limit each day. That is all just to get the email out and in the inbox. Now you need to focus on Converting cold contacts into leads and on the AEs calendar. Emails need to be short and segmented so the problem you solve is relevant to the prospect. 


Threading all three channels together allows you to add more touches respectfully and converts at a much higher rate.