The Outsourced Sales Gold Standard for
Custom Sales Solutions

SocialBloom has a proven track record of building sales teams, outsourcing outbound, consulting, building campaigns, and coaching. We can help whether you are looking to build out an entire sales organization or you just want validated contact data.

Outsourced outbound and SDRs

Many companies need to generate more revenue and pipeline, but they do not have the budget to hire, train, and manage in-house reps. We provide the team, the process, the management, and the tools to hit your revenue goal.

Some companies already have an outbound team that is producing results but, they might just need more talented reps to scale their operation- we can help source the perfect candidates.

Fractional sales leaders & management

Fractional sales leaders are great for companies that need some sort of structure created to improve their revenue operations. Fractional sales leaders can come in, build out systems, and then we can help fill those spots with talent.

Management is perfect for companies that have teams but need management to make sure reps hit certain KPIs.

Outsourced Account Executives

Another scenario is when companies have plenty of qualified leads and meetings being set but, they need additional talent to take these meetings and close the deals. We can help source, train, and manage talent for this.

Some companies already have systems and reps to close deals, but they need more reps to scale their operation. We can help source the perfect candidates.


The Traditional SocialBloom Outbound Campaign

We might not have a turnkey outbound solution ready to go for your industry, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t create and manage a successful campaign for you. If you’re going to have someone build your outbound campaign out for you, we’re your best option!

Sourcing, training, and managing sales teams

This can range from an outsourced team or an in-house team that we source, train, and manage

Your new team… plus management

Sales Manager

The quarterback of the team. This individual is responsible for delegating tasks to the team, client communication, and optimizing the campaign weekly until we hit your goal. They also are in charge of messaging and copy changes

Deliverability Experts

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? If you send an email and it lands in spam, does it generate revenue? The answer is no! This team checks on deliverability daily to make sure the technical side of our campaigns is firing correctly.


Traditionally an SDR handles the entire outbound system. As you can see, that model does not make sense. Our SDRs are supported by this system and team that is tailored to web development/design agencies! We provide multiple SDRs based on the channels and volume we reach out to on a monthly basis.

Our SDRs are responsible for calling, handling email leads from a positive response to a booked meeting, and reporting. Your SDRs have worked with similar companies in the past to reduce ramp time and need to understand the offer.

Account Executives

We like to start by generating meetings for our clients. But, we noticed that over time as our clients calendar gets busier and busier, they end up requiring account executives (sales reps). These are experienced reps with a background in closing deals in similar industries.

The Prospector

The prospector is responsible for list building. They prospect certain verticals of your ICP and collect relevant/personalized info to insert inside of the copy and messaging. They also are responsible for cleaning and verifying all contacts.

Fractional CRO

The fractional CRO is added for larger projects that require large teams of SDRs and AEs. The fractional CRO brings in a lifetime of sales experience to handle all revenue operations so you don’t have to.

Your new tech-stack and reporting


We choose the best tools to use in order to produce the results we want. We believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to generating revenue and the right tools are needed to support our team and process. This tech-stack was created in order to support our proven process and team. Our tech-stack is like nitrous in an engine that can handle it. We set up and manage all tools for our clients. Some tools, our clients have direct access to.


We report weekly data from our campaigns into your own portal. You can see the contacts we reached, what leads responded with, who booked meetings, and much more. We also report on market intelligence. For example, responses and conversations about competitors, reasons why the prospect is not a fit, or if someone else at the company is the decision maker. We collect this info and adjust our process accordingly. We also track trends with market intelligence. For example, if we notice the majority of CTOs we talk to at companies with funding and a head count between 500-600 are currently using the same competitor, we start pre-handling this during our convos with similar targets going forward. This is a part of our signature red-zone process.

Calculating Potential Revenue

Here is an example of calculating potential revenue from different channels, given a certain number of contacts, a conversion rate, a close rate, and an average order size. Add you average close rate and average order size to discover what we need to do to hit your revenue goal.