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The best Ideas to improve your B2B lead generation 

The ability to generate quality leads is the foundation of a successful B2B marketing plan. A solid B2B leads pipeline can guarantee an increase in your business. Therefore, the main goal of B2B marketing and sales teams is to generate leads that can convert into...

Questions to Ask When Picking a B2B Lead Gen Vendor

Statistics show that only 2.35% of the visitors who land on your website have the potential of becoming leads. Although there are many different channels of generating leads still it’s estimated that more than half of the lead gen budget you spend goes wasted without...

Is B2B Lead Gen Dead?

Leads are undoubtedly the lifeline of any company. Without leads, it means that the company won’t have clients which means there will be no profits. So, to put it simply, a company will no longer exist without leads. However, as some companies are shifting to...

What to Know Before Hiring a B2B Lead Gen Company

For any B2B organization, the primary step to achieving the goal of increasing business revenue is to find a potential customer who meets the ideal audience criteria and eventually nurture them into paying customers. This entire process is known as lead generation and...

How to Set Up a B2B Lead Gen Campaign?

When discussing B2B industries, all their marketing campaigns should be geared toward lead generation. In fact, research says that approximately 85% of B2B marketers prioritize generating more leads over anything. Basically, lead generation is a streamlined process of...

Should You Include Video in Your B2B Lead Generation?

Video marketing is exploding and it's not just the future of marketing, but the online experience as a whole. It is one of the quickest ways to scale in all businesses, and B2B companies are no exception. Cisco predicts that global traffic on videos will be more than...

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