Building an email list for B2B businesses can generate the highest ROI when done correctly. For the uninitiated, B2B list building refers to creating an active list of contacts you can approach and nurture as leads. Here, your aim should be to create a highly-targeted list that would be interested in your offering. After all, who wants to fill their list with contacts that no longer require your offered services, right? 

List building is a powerful sale generation tactic; approximately 40% of B2B marketers believe it is critical to their success. Businesses can always rely on their curated list to educate the leads about the offered product or service, enabling them to make a purchase. So, when you can boost your revenue generation by a significant margin, why not give your full attention to it?

To help B2B marketers get incredible results with list building, we’ve curated this epic guide featuring some practical and effective tips. Since all these methods are tried-and-tested, there is a high chance to notice positive results in the coming days. If you’re ready to learn about the best B2B list-building practices working currently, make sure to read until the end.   

What Exactly is a Good Lead?

Not every marketer has the exact definition of a good lead. For some, relevant contacts that have the potential to buy your offered product or service can be good leads. But, for others, any contact that is sufficiently nurtured to be passed onto the sales team can qualify as a good lead. Good leads can also be potential customers that have qualified themselves through their actions like responding to your emails or getting on a call with your representative.

For example, if you sell hosting services with the highest uptime, you can build a list of founders currently using hosting services with poor uptime. They will qualify as a good leader if they show interest by replying to your emails or initiating any service-related queries. You can start educating them through a series of emails on the benefits they will get by switching their current hosting services with yours.

3 Tried-and-Tested Best Practices for B2B List Building

Now that you’re aware of what a good lead is and the importance of B2B list building, let’s quickly learn about the best list-building practices that can help you get the maximum returns. 

  1. Be Precise on Your Target Customer Base

The starting point of any successful list-building campaign is deciding who your ideal customer is. You shouldn’t try to randomly add people to your list if they don’t have a genuine need for your product. To ensure you have the correct customer persona built, sit with your sales team and start listing common traits or characteristics your potential customers possess. Try to find answers to questions like:

  • What are their pain points?
  • What is their present designation or job function?
  • What industries do your customers belong to?
  • What is the size of their business?
  • What KPIs are they trying to achieve?

You can add more relevant questions to the list to know your potential leads well. Put all the findings together, and you’ll better understand who to target for your list-building campaigns.   

  1. Use Web Scraping Tools to Find Contact Information

One of the most challenging parts of executing a successful B2B list-building campaign is scraping the web to find the correct contact information of your target audience. Traditionally, you will have to check the prospect’s social media accounts, and company’s website, read interviews, locate press releases, and find other online profiles to gain their contact information.

However, if you want to ideally save time and improve the efficiency of this step, invest in a reliable web scraping tool. A reliable web scraping tool will do all the heavy lifting for you within a few minutes. It will leave you with the extra time you can use to focus on other areas of list building.  

  1. Validate Contact Information

Once you’ve obtained the contact information of your prospects using the previous step, it’s time to validate their contact information. After all, you wouldn’t want to send your pitch to incorrect email addresses. The best way to prevent such events is by using sophisticated tools like Uplead.

If you want to ensure your messages reach the right person, always vet and verify the contact information you collect. You can either hire a third-party agency for this purpose or use tools that handle the process.  

Build a Highly Targeted B2B List to Generate Massive Revenue

One of the best ways to take your business revenue to the next level is by pitching your services to the right people. And it can only be achieved by executing a targeted B2B list-building campaign. When you decide to build lists, you should focus on two things, i.e., capture quality leads and win their trust. Once it is done, selling becomes easier.

The more quality leads you have on your list, the higher your potential to scale your business sales. However, let’s accept the fact that building lists that convert are not as easy as it looks on the surface level. Hence to help marketers like you make the most from list building, we’ve discussed above the three most crucial practices that can have a visible impact on your list-building processes and results. If you need professional assistance on this, don’t hesitate to drop us a quick note or schedule a discovery call with us.