Case Study

Creating an Outbound System for a Team of AES

Our customer was looking to book more high quality meetings for their team of account executives. The company was a workforce engagement platform that was focused on closing enterprise deals. 

About the company

The clients software generated revenue on a pay per seat model, so we knew we had to reach out to companies with at least 500 employees to make sure the opportunities were qualified.  

How it worked

We worked directly with the CRO and the account executives. We provided a team of one SDR, one email campaign manager, two data extraction managers, one copywriter, one cold caller, and one account manager.


The CRO explained the lack of understanding their ICP which made it tough to identify the correct prospects to reach out to. To identify the ICP, we set up different A/B testing campaigns to see which group of prospects responded the best. Based on the A/B tests, we took the winning ICP segments and doubled down on reaching out to them and tweaked the copy so it was more relevant to this segment. 


Based on this optimization process, we helped identify the ICP while also booking high quality meetings for the account executives. As time went on, we also A/B tested other segments to run alongside our current ICP segment. This allowed us to reach more qualified prospects based on event triggers.

    The Results


    Over the course of 4,773 emails, we achieved the following:

    • A better understanding of pain points and goals of each desired ICP

    • Round robin outbound booking system for the account executives

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