Case Study

Scaling Outbound for 1st Sales Hire

Our software customer was looking to build out an entire sales cycle by implementing email campaigns and a new sales hire to take the discovery calls.

About the company

The company was a HR software listing website that profited from PPC listings, creating HR tech stacks for other companies, and connecting companies with the correct HR software that fits the client. Our goal was to book as many meetings as possible with HR software companies not running PPC campaigns on the website. With a relatively granular target market, we knew we would have to be extremely surgical with every touch over the course of a year. 


How it worked

We initially worked directly with the founder and then directly with the new sales hire after the first two weeks. We provided a team of one SDR, one email campaign manager, two data extraction managers, one copywriter, and one account manager.


We were targeting a small number of large companies, so we knew we would have to touch around 8-12 contacts per company that fell under our client’s ICP. Thus, allowing us to stretch the campaign and increase conversions due to multiple touches to a single company. During our onboarding process, we noticed we could easily find companies that were using our client’s competitors. This allowed us to scrape and provide an offer that is relevant to the ICP so they can multiply their efforts on top of existing vendors.


We created a simple four step drip campaign, a weekly scraping process, and a clear booking system to handoff opportunities to the new sales hire.

  1. Onboarding to identify ICP, pain points, and get a better understanding of their target market.

  2. Completing our technical process of warming our emails and new domains to reach a 50%+ open rate

  3. Creating copy and scraping based on what competitors they are currently using

  4. Managing and scaling the campaign

The Results

To make sure we could provide long term value and opportunities, we decided to also add in a campaign to target smaller companies within the TAM.

Over the course of our 7 month campaign, we achieved the following:

    Sent Emails


    Prospects Opened EMails

    Qualified Leads


    Conversion from lead to booked meeting

    Schedule a Discovery Call

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