Case Study

No pipeline to $275,000 in pipeline value!

The client, a newly established podcast placement agency, faced significant challenges in gaining sales momentum. Despite offering potential high-value services, the client was preoccupied with other business operations, hindering their ability to focus on lead generation and customer conversion effectively.



  1. Deepen Understanding of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): To tailor marketing and sales strategies effectively to the client’s target audience, we had to get a clearer understanding of the ICP.
  2. Lead Generation and Sales Conversion: Implement strategies to generate new leads and convert them into paying customers, thereby increasing sales momentum.



  • The client was struggling with balancing time between generating new leads and other business tasks.
  • The client’s initial sales efforts were not yielding the expected results, indicating a misalignment with the target market’s needs and timing.


  1. Refinement of ICP:

    • Conducted thorough discussions with the client to extract insights from their experiences.
    • Utilized existing datasets to refine and enhance the understanding of the ICP, focusing particularly on identifying the timing of potential clients’ increased marketing activities.
  2. Targeted Lead Generation:

    • Initiated an email marketing campaign directed at companies observed to be increasing their advertising volumes and improving their positions on ranking and listing sites, as these were likely moments when they would consider podcast placements.


  • Lead Generation: Over a period of 3 months, the targeted strategy led to the generation of 36 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), indicating a high level of interest and potential readiness to engage among the contacted companies.
  • Pipeline Value: The efforts culminated in building a sales pipeline valued at approximately $275,000, showcasing the effectiveness of the targeted approach in capturing high-value leads.

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